Financial Services

Smart Apply

Tailored and frictionless digital loan origination and lodgement

We offer streamlined technology for easy, efficient, and compliant commercial and asset finance loan origination and electronic lodgement.

Confidently qualify, lodge, and settle loans faster. LBH provides digital loan origination and e-lodgement technology for commercial and asset finance. Fast, secure, and compliant by design.

Simplified loan origination

Match your customer with the most suitable loan offerings, and apply for finance within a guided and collaborative workspace.

Faster settlement

Integrated product decisioning and lender controls for high-quality applications and less rework, improving certainty and time to approval and settlement.

Scaled product distribution

Intuitive, digital experiences for direct and third party, with bank-grade security controls and AICPA SOC2 certification.

Seamless integration

API integration and data transformation services with third-party providers and applications for automated due diligence, e-lodgement and back channel.


All-in-one CRM platform for commercial and asset finance brokers

Enabling operational excellence so you can focus on nurturing relationships and growing your business.

Manage clients with ease

Improve customer retention with secure, centralised access to a comprehensive data model for contact, account, lead, and opportunity management.

Grow your business

Optimise lead generation and deal conversion with pipeline management, activity tracking and advanced reporting.

Workflow automation

Automate your business processes and task management for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences. 

Data insights & marketing

Better understand your customers and grow revenue with real-time analytics and integrated marketing tools.

Data Sage

Automated commission tracking with intelligent insights

Aggregate various income streams from multiple lender sources to visually display business insights, concentration risks and opportunities for targeted growth.

Visualise your portfolio

Consolidated and granular view of dashboards in real-time, with comprehensive and predictive portfolio analysis.

Rapid import

For most lenders and aggregator templates, import monthly commission statements for fast and standardised customer, loan, and commission data processing.

Automated Due Diligence

Buy and sell your book confidently and demonstrate business value using data-driven insights.

Identify opportunities

Understand patterns of past performance to target new business and improve customer retention proactively.